Author: Ethan Bennett


Tips On Purchasing an Appropriate Long-Sleeved Polo Shirt

On 02 June 2016 Posted by Ethan Bennett

As far as it is known one of the most popular pieces of clothing for the upper part of man's body is a shirt. There're different types of shirts, including Henley shirts, T-shirts and certainly polo shirts. The latter can have or not have long sleeves. So, a long-sleeved polo shirt is one of the types of polo shirt. Generally, a polo shirt is very much like a t-shirt but it has a collar and a few buttons on the upper part of it. Originally, a polo shirt has short sleeves, but still it's possible to find polo shirts with long sleeves as well.

Nowadays, a long-sleeved polo shirt has become an acceptable piece of fashion. For a quite long period of time, a long-sleeved polo shirt has been worn underneath a short-sleeved polo T-shirt in order to add more style and attractiveness to the person. Usually, men wear this style in autumn and winter. Today, long-sleeved polo shirts are available in different tones.

Speaking about the material from which a long-sleeved polo shirt is usually manufactured, it's necessary to say that high qualitative polo shirts are usually made of cotton which is colored in some specific shade.

Let's come back to a few interesting facts from history of the earliest polo shirts. Well, the first person who wore a polo shirt was a French tennis player whose name was Rene Lacoste. In four years after this had happened the Lacoste alligator controlled numerous retailer stores in many countries of the world. These stores specialized in polo shirts.

Let's discuss the use of the long-sleeved polo shirts. Most of the wearers of the long-sleeved polo shirts use them for a golf game. If you also plan to play golf in it, select this one which is well breathable. You're recommended to consider such a shirt as the North Face Men's Whistler Zip Polo Shirt. If you're a woman and you're looking for a long-sleeves polo shirt for some special outdoor occasion, let it be textured. And if you're planning to wear your polo shirt on an everyday basis, choose the one made of cotton and of ordinary design. Don't forget t purchase a long-sleeved polo shirt for nice autumn days. If the weather is too cold, you can layer up on top of polo shirts. I this way, you're going to feel comfortable and warm and at the same time to always to look fashionable due to the polo shirt collar.

Don't ignore the quality of a long-sleeved polo shirt and choose the highest quality one. The contemporary market is undoubtedly filled with cheaper men's polo shirts which can be found at discount stores or super stores, but you'll soon understand that their quality leaves much to be desire. Those shirts will not only lose their shape after a few uses, but the colors of the cheaper long polo shirt will quickly fade away and with each wash you're going to get more and more disappointed. High quality long-sleeved polo shirts will last you a few times longer. The highest quality designers include Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, etc. Nautica also manufactures excellent polo shirts which are not only attractively looking but also very durable.

Always purchase a polo shirt from an honored and popular department store or online marketplace. Such stores as Nordstrom are always ready to take a polo shirt back if it doesn't suit you or has any problems. If you purchase men's clothing from an outlet store, you'll face many difficulties returning your merchandise. So, it's better to buy a polo shirt from a company that will be able to exchange or does compensation if your old polo shirt gets stretched out or loses its shape even after a few months of usage. So, consider these tips when choosing an appropriate long-sleeved polo shirt.